MRD Version April 2015

Special Info I :
DL0SFK/MGY will work from "Titanic Exhibition Speyer"
April 14th 12 - 17 GMT & 15th 9 - 17 GMT


Special Info II:
Operator from overseas might tune in via SDR rx at the
University of Twente - read below


CQD SOS Titanic


Maritime Radio Day
is held annually to commemorate to the era of nearly 90 years of manual maritime radio. It does only work in wireless telegraphy (wt). All hams are invited to take part and work especially with former radio officers of the merchant marine and navy. See page Rules for detailed information and take part in this only cw event.
MRD 2015

will be held on April 14th 12h00 GMT until April 15th 22h00 GMT

MRD - Radio officers please register via the new self register service

==> Start MRD Registry <==
(deadline 10th April)

==> Crew List <==

==> Log List template <==

RSGB Propagation FCST --- >
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Remote receive with SDR

Take part in future MRD events with remote SDR receiption from
the University of Twente, Netherlands:
Link to : SDR - University Twente

Info: ==> SDR Info

Telegraphy is cultural heritage in

Belgium - Germany - Netherlands

Works in progress in Austria - Denmark - Italy

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